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C & R Day's are agents for the very best horsebox manufactures in the UK. These include Equi-Trek who are far and away the market leaders, offering a huge Equi-Trek Agents range. We are therefore able to supply you with a horsebox to fit your personal requirements and budget.

All Equi-Trek vehicles are jam packed with safety and comfort features to ensure that the journey is as safe and comfortable for both you and your horses. Some standard features include:

  • Full heavy duty, shock absorbing rubber matting in the horse area
  • Ramp safety loading doors to help guide your horse up the ramp safely
  • Low wide ramps to provide easier and safer loading as the horse is encouraged to enter the light and spacious area
  • Light and ventilation features offer all-round opening windows and vents
  • Partition which is fully adjustable which can be altered to accommodate different size horses
  • Walls lined with high impact kick resistant lining

Equi-Trek offer a vast range of horseboxes. Below are some examples of their best selling horseboxes.

The Sonic

The Sonic is a compact, easy to drive horsebox. It has a maximum weight of 3,500KG meaning that it can be driven by anyone 17 Years or older with a standard car license. Perhaps this is why it is one of our best sellers!

The Sonic is built around a Peugeot chassis which was selected because of its superior performance and reliability. It is powered by the 2.2HDI diesel engine which produces 120bhp. This offers effortless performance along with outstanding economy.

For added convenience, servicing is only required every 20,000 miles or two years and it does not have to have an MOT for the first three years! It even comes with a Peugeot 3 Year or 20,000 miles warranty.

The sonic has the added benefit of a tack / changing room which is totally separate from the horses. It incorporates two saddle racks, two bridle racks and two coat hooks. There is also additional storage for rugs and other equipment over the cab.

The Super Sonic

The Super Sonic by Equi-TrekThe Super Sonic has been designed to cater for the owner who requires a greater payload than the Sonic. It has the ability to carry up to two horses safely and economically dependant on size and weight.

With all the features of the Sonic but reated up at 4000kg, the Super Sonic has an up-rated front axle to legally carry the extra weight. Equi-Trek have even fitted a new 3.01 HDi diesel engine which produces 157bhp making it a true thoroughbred! For added convenience the Super Sonic also has a larger tack/changing area than the Sonic.

Please note that this vehicle cannot be driven on an ordinary car license, unless the driver passed their test before 1997.


The Victory

The Victory is possibly the most environmentally friendly and economical horsebox that offers a full living accommodation.

The stylish aerodynamic design and smooth powerful 2.2HDi, 120BHP engine makes the Victory an easy and pleasurable drive which will carry up to
two horses dependant horses size and weight.

The living area incorporates comfortable seating for 4 which converts into two bunks for overnight stays. A table which neatly folds awa and a stylish kitchen unit comes complete with a gas hob, sink, table and plenty of cupboards plus a toilet compartment as standard.

The Victory also has an independent power supply for the interior and lights inside the horses area.

Please note that this vehicle cannot be driven on an ordinary car license, unless the driver passed their test before 1997.

The Valiant

Valiant Designed for the competitive owner who requires a horsebox to carry two horses combined with a spacious living area. The Valiant is comfortable, economical and effortless to drive. The unique 3 axle layout allows a much larger area than can normally be achieved in this style of vehicle.

The Valiant is fully fitted for staying away with comfortable seating for 4 people which converts into a double bed, table which folds away a fully fitted kitchen and a toilet area.

The valiant also hasa 70 Litre under floor water tank with lockable external filler cap. This provides running water to the living area. It also has an independent power supply to the interior and horses area.

Powered by a 3.01HDi 157bhp engine and a six speed gearbox makes the Valiant the ideal competitors companion. Please note that this vehicle cannot be driven on an ordinary car license, unless the driver passed their test before 1997.



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